There are a LOT of really cool videos out there on the Internet, but this viral TikTok video might be the coolest one I’ve seen all month.

Despite the Karen videos, cops vs protesters, and anything else I get a laugh out of watching – this one video with a Grandma just has me like “wow, that is awesome!”

I am literally amazed by this video. This is ten times cooler than landing a rover on Mars and taking a photo that looks like a desert with an Instagram filter. Maybe not as big of an accomplishment, but definitely a visual eye-pleaser!


It should be known this was a professionally edited video and the woman did not do it all by herself. So if you’re at home trying to figure out how to do this, and get a little frustrated – just know it’s OK and we can’t do it either!

But we can still try!!

PS – sorry if the part where she looks like Mitch McConnell scares anyone.