So when your kid is chilling at home on virtual learning and the teacher starts singing the ABC song, but you recognize it from your nights at the club and you know darn well that other version ain't appropriate.

Well, then you might just have this.... WATCH the video:

And here's the other version so you can compare. Make sure you're not at work playing this too loud, unless your boss is actually pretty cool and wouldn't care.

Your what? Your what? Uh.... don't tempt us with a good time there, lady!

So anyway, I really can't wait until we're all back to normal.

Virtual school sucks. Homeschool sucks. Kids need and deserve to be back in school with their friends trashing the substitute teachers and cracking jokes and playing at recess.

I'm pretty sure most parents would agree with me on that one.

But you know, let's make sure the buildings are safe to enter, because some of those schools in urban cities are like 100 years old with either NO ventilation or broken systems. And don't even get me started on the district in Philly. You can search that mess yourself.

Let's just put it this way - I've been in our public schools and I don't blame the students for dropping out. The prisons look nicer than some of these dumps. Probably the same food, too!