Sen. Ted Cruz shamed Democrats over ballot harvesting and accused them of wanting to use fraud to gain more votes.

Cruz was fired up in the video. WATCH:

Dallas News stated:

Cruz also took issue with a provision that would block state bans on so-called “ballot harvesting,” in which political operatives and others collect and deliver ballots for voters, including nursing home residents.

“The Carter-Baker Commission, chaired by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, said ballot harvesting was a major source of voter fraud,” Cruz said. “What did Senate Democrats do? They look at the Carter-Baker Commission and say, ‘Where do we get fraud? Let’s do more of that.’”

Fox News reported:

Regarding Sarbanes' "For the People Act" or H.R. 1, Cruz said it should be renamed the Corrupt Politicians Act, and that it isn't about "people" or election security as presented.

"It is the single most dangerous piece of legislation before Congress. ... It's about ensuring that Democrats remain in power and control for the next 100 years. It is a radical bill," he said.

Cruz described sections of the bill that would prohibit any voter ID laws, largely ban states from culling voter rolls and most notably in his mind, therefore result in illegal immigrants registering to vote and having a say in American elections.

"The Democrats believe if illegal immigrants and felons are voting that that benefits the Democrats and keeps them in power," he said.

"Not only that, it mandates universal mail-in balloting. It mandates ballot harvesting. This is all designed to facilitate fraud."

Here's what I want to know.

We can take photos FROM SPACE that are high quality but we can't seem to get enough good quality cameras to monitor an election and help keep them free from fraudulent activity.

What the heck is our problem?

Why can't we figure out a way to run an election that both sides of politics agree on and finally have a safe and sound election without all the arguing?

Yes, both sides want to win badly - but find the best way to run the elections that everyone can agree on and DO IT.

Shut up and make it happen!