Here's a teacher who posted a video on TikTok where he was allegedly showing young students himself dressed in drag or other alternative choices.

People are now talking about if the teacher should be fired for exposing children to alternative life choices and sharing his private and personal life with the students, which many could suggest is his way of encouraging the students to do the same thing he does.

Is there a line that should be drawn? That answer is yes, there is. Teachers should never expose their personal choices or politics in the classroom or to their students. Teachers are there to teach and help develop students into independent thinkers. Teachers are there to act as a secondary parent and provide a warm and embracing classroom and environment that allows the students to thrive, but that doesn't mean showing them you're a part-time drag queen which then exposes students to it and might have them doing it at home - something many, or most, parents would disagree with.

Here's the video for you to WATCH: