If there was an award for funny quote of the day, then I think Rep. Eric Swalwell might be in the lead for an easy victory.

Swalwell, the guy accused of banging a Chinese spy and also accused of farting on live television, is now telling other people to get serious.

You literally can't make this sh-t up.

Swalwell demanding the GOP get serious is his response to the GOP demanding that the 600+ page relief bill be read out loud.

Swalwell suggests people could just read it online and reading it out loud for ten hours is just a stunt. Well, maybe it is a stunt, but at least we know SOMEONE finally read it and maybe something might stick out to us normie folks.

WATCH Farty McFartypants state his case:

I guess when Eric isn't sharting himself, the least he could do is post videos of himself talking on TV to his timeline.

Slick way to tell all your friends "hey, I'm on TV look at me" and then tweet himself out.

Cool story, bro.

Here's Eric getting ready for work in the morning:

fart GIF