Here's a good vibe video that I just could not help but share with you all.

As a parent, this is so awesome and it's great to see young folks be excited about going back to school, because sitting at home on Zoom SUCKS!

Yeah, I said it. Trying to learn or teach on Zoom absolutely SUCKS. Our students want to be back. Our teachers want to be back. And the only thing stopping some districts is the horrible conditions the buildings were in before the virus... at least in my city, that's just some of our woes.

WATCH the video and then share this with all your parent friends:

Here's the backstory on the young education enthusiast:

The account Reopen California Schools posted a video Wednesday showing a little girl sobbing in happiness when her mother tells her that she can go back to school next week. Reopen California Schools director Jonathan Zachreson obtained the video and permission to post it from the child’s family after seeing it online, he told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“When I first saw the video come across our Facebook group, it was a story I knew was missing from the conversation,” he told the DCNF. “I shared this video across our platforms because I wanted to remind everyone, from parents, to teachers, to politicians, that getting schools open is about one thing – the kids.”

Clara Zanotto’s mother Tarine told the DCNF in a phone interview Thursday evening that her 9-year-old daughter will have been out of school for 358 days when she returns to the classroom next week. Clara Zanotto is in 4th grade and has been doing online schooling since March 2020, her mother said.

Great to hear they're going back to school.

In my city of Philadelphia, we've got a LOT of problems with the schools and the district is trying to force people back without fixing anything.

We have mold, asbestos, rodents, roaches, more than 30+ kids in some classes with not enough chairs, exposed wires hanging out of ceilings (I reported this to ABC News years ago and district was forced to fix it), windows that barely open, some windows screwed or nailed shut, some buildings so old they have no ventilation system, newer buildings with broken down systems.

And the School District of Philadelphia put some window fans on wood and basically said, "good luck."

I know one thing... this level of nonsense would never fly in a suburban public school, so it shouldn't fly in the city either.

Our district had all year with empty buildings and they sat on their you know what.

For anyone going back to school in a clean district, be very thankful your district cares about you.

Because if there's one thing I know, it's that my local public school district is being ran to the ground and it ain't by teachers or students or parents. It's the corruption at the top of the district squandering money and wasting resources, not caring one bit about our students.

I support going back to school safely, but I will not tolerate a corrupt school district that won't even take care of their own buildings.

A school district so corrupt they wasted $604,000 on an office remodel instead of hiring more teachers or getting supplies for students.

And in another district, a school board member compares a mandate returning to school to slavery.