The biggest pianist we know, Stevie Wonder, says he's moving permanently to another country. It was all revealed during an interview with Oprah Winfrey when he let it slip out that he was moving to Ghana.

Winfrey shockingly asked if it was permanent.

Wonder said yes.

WATCH Stevie Wonder explain why he's moving in the video:

PopCulture wrote further...
Legendary singer and pianist Stevie Wonder is relocating to Ghana. The 22-time Grammy winner opened up about his decision to move out of the United States and settle down in Ghana during a November 2020 discussion with Oprah Winfrey, expressing his hope to live someplace where he feels valued.

Speaking during an episode of The Oprah Conversation, Wonder revealed his big move when talking about his hopes for America. He told Winfrey, "I promise you [America], if you do the right thing, I will give you this song. I will give it to you. You can have." He said he wants to "see this nation smile again. And I want to see it before I leave to travel to move to Ghana because I'm going to do that." Winfrey expressed shock at the announcement, asking, "you're gonna move permanently to Ghana?" Wonder responded by confirming, "I am", before going on to express concern about his family, stating, "I don't want to see my children's, children's children have to say 'Oh please like me, please respect me, please know that I am important, please value me.' What is that?"

"Please value me?" What kind of horsesh*t is that? We love Stevie Wonder! Everyone values him and his music.

If you hate Stevie Wonder, then you're probably just a bad person and no one hugged you in the last ten years.

Stevie Wonder is full of sh*t though.

I cannot believe Stevie Wonder just got all social justice on us and he's more privileged than most people I know.

He's a wealthy and popular musician who, as far as I know, everyone loves. You have to be some sort of special jerk to hate Stevie Wonder.

It makes me wonder what's going on in his life now, or his family's life, that makes him want to leave the greatest country on the planet. Well, America is certainly more of an opportunity for his family, so whatever's going on in his head, he needs to snap out of it.

America is awesome and if he thinks it isn't, then don't let the piano hit you on the backside when you're boarding the plane to Ghana.