Stephen Miller wasn't a fan favorite of Democrats after he went on Fox News and referred to the "cruelty and inhumanity" of President Joe Biden's immigration policies.

WATCH Miller's comment that got some people upset:

Miller suggested that the big problem at the Mexican border is because of policies that are "enriching smugglers and traffickers who profit off of human misery" according to a recent report.

"He is forcing thousands of young children into the arms of smugglers, into the arms of traffickers, into the arms of coyotes, children are being taken away from their families in the Northern Triangle, in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, those countries are being deprived of their future," Mr Miller said.

"These young, illegal immigrants are being put in harm's way, all because of a policy choice Joe Biden made to restore catch and release, that is cruel, that is inhumane, and we are seeing the results of that right now. He took a secure border. A humane border. A safe border. And he's turned it into this."

No matter what Stephen Miller ever says, he will always be remembered for his infamous fake hair that he wore on TV one night.

Forget about the Mexican border, we need to talk about the hairline border this guy was trying to sell us. We need to start locking up hair pieces in cages at the border. Don't let anyone's hairline ever look like this again!

Embrace the baldness, my man!!