UPDATE: Starbucks has changed their mind after people on social media threatened to boycott them. But seriously, no white liberal is actually going to ever boycott Starbucks. Are you kidding me? They love their $4 coffee with tons of sugar.

CNBC posted:
  • Starbucks will allow workers to wear attire and accessories highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement, reversing its prior policy.
  • After Buzzfeed reported the chain’s initial policy, consumers on social media began calling for boycotts of the coffee chain.
  • The company will make 250,000 shirts with a design that includes “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace” available to workers.
Starbucks might get canceled by the woke far left after a recent announcement shows all employees are banned from wearing Black Lives Matter attire.

Despite showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, the company would like their employees to stay clear of any Black Lives Matter clothing.

The reason Starbucks has banned Black Lives Matter clothing and attire is because it does not fall in line with company dress code which prohibits anything that is "political, religious, or personal issues." It is also suggested that the BLM attire could cause division or incite violence, particularly because it's political in nature. As we've seen over the last few years, politics has caused quite a divide in America with both sides going to further extremes than before.

A copy of the store memo was sent to Buzzfeed and is below.


Buzzfeed's corresponding article stated the following on the BLM ban:

"According to an internal bulletin obtained by BuzzFeed News, store managers had been contacting senior leadership on behalf of employees who wanted to wear BLM-related attire as protests continued to sweep major cities and small towns across the country.

In response, management, according to the memo from last week, argued that wearing clothing and accessories highlighting Black Lives Matter could be misunderstood and potentially incite violence. The bulletin pointed employees to a video, which has now been removed, in which its VP of inclusion and diversity explained that "agitators who misconstrue the fundamental principles" of the movement and could use them to "amplify divisiveness."

So what it comes down to is this... Starbucks supports Black Lives Matter, but Starbucks is not allowing anything outside of their work dress code to be worn. This is a dress code that was in place well before the protests, so they appear to be sticking to it.

If Starbucks lets people slide on the current dress code that says nothing political is allowed, then it becomes an unstoppable problem where everyone wants to wear their political pins or clothes and none of it needs to be worn by the baristas. They are there to serve food and drinks, we are there to consume, none of us are there to spread politics.

Some statements by Starbucks were posted on social media: