The conversation about student debt and the potential for student debt foregiveness lingers across America and one member of the Democrat's "The Squad" has revealed that she defaulted on her student loans.

She was talking about racial disparities and how it relates to student debt and that's when she opened up about her own inability to pay off her debts. Although now she's a six-figure-salary Congresswoman, it wasn't always that way.

WATCH her video:

Yahoo Finance provided some details into her story:

"Like 85% of Black students, I had to borrow; and like so many of those students, I also defaulted on those loans," Pressley said during a press conference organized by the American Federation of Teachers. "We know that Black and Brown students are five times more likely to default for those loans, than our white counterparts."

Ricardo Sanchez, a spokesperson for the congresswoman, confirmed her experience with Yahoo Finance and stated: “Congresswoman Pressley, like many Black women who have disproportionately borne the impact of the student debt crisis, had student loans that were in default for a period of time and have since been paid off. With the public health and economic crisis worsening daily, she is committed to fighting for broad-based student debt cancellation—which would help reduce the racial wealth gap and stimulate our economy—and robust federal investments in education to make tuition-free college a reality.”

I'm no expert, but here's my advice to anyone who cares.

If you're going to college, then pick a state school and a major that can get you a job. State schools are cheaper than the ripoff expensive schools that charge nearly double the amount for the same education.

Don't go out of state. Don't pick a dumb major. Don't go to an overpriced college.

If you do those three things, then you will most likely come out of school with a lower amount of debt and a better chance to get a job.

I personally don't think anyone cares where you graduated from or what your GPA was. It's more along the lines of "did you go" and "did you graduate?"

And if the answer is yes, then that satisfies the employers need if they demand people have a college degree.

When it comes to paying them back, then do so at your own leisure and work with the loan company to pay them off in a way that is comfortable with you. My company allowed me to pay $100 a month. I've been paying for like 900 years, but you know what - I don't care because that's the rate comfortable for me at this point in my life, and it's not stopping me from doing anything.

On the contrary, there's a lot of aspects about college that is an absolute RIP OFF.

For example, you spend $40k+ to go to college and the day you graduate, those MF's have the nerve to ask YOU for a donation?

NO! Are you kidding me? I will never donate money to my college. I paid them $40k already. They can kiss my you know what. They should donate to me.

You know what else is a scam? College books. Why does a math class require a NEW book every few semesters? It's not like the math has changed. It's been the same freaking math for years. The used books cost $25 and the new ones cost $125. Do they forget we were college students with no job and no money, but they want to rip us off for overpriced books.

It's the same paper, same book and because one was read by someone else, it's $100 cheaper?

College books are a complete scam.

So is high interest rates.

So is taking a major that can't get you any job besides making sandwiches at Subway and those types of majors should not be allowed because it doesn't prepare you for REAL LIFE.

Now back to you in the comment section.