You might have seen screenshot circulating the Internet that looked like a Ted Cruz tweet saying "I’ll Believe in Climate Change When Texas Freezes Over" while Texas is literally frozen over and he casually escaped to Cancun.

Hey, I would go to Cancun too if my state was frozen over, but I'm not an elected leader so no one would care if I took off to get some Montezuma's Revenge.

Now if you've seen the viral Ted Cruz tweet, then there's a good chance it was shared by someone with a verified account on social media, even though it turns out the tweet is 100% fake and Ted Cruz never actually posted that. Not only is the tweet fake, but people were sharing it like crazy. I guess you could say it was basically a meme at that point, but it still got fact checked.

Oddly enough, it was Snopes who confirmed the Ted Cruz tweet was fake. Snopes asked if Ted Cruz tweeted, “I’ll believe in climate change when Texas freezes over" and rated it FALSE.