Sen. Ed Markey says "I think in a secret ballot there would have been enough Republican support to convict." Markey says some Republicans are more loyal to the "Trumpbase then they are to basic justice."

Markey comments lead to speculation that some Republicans who voted in favor of Trump might have been worried about being outed to the "Trumpbase" if they voted against the former president. It might cause followers to question the loyalty of any Republican who voted against Trump.

However, it was not a secret ballot and only seven Republicans voted to convict Trump, so it was not enough and Trump was acquitted, beating a second impeachment attempt by Democrats.

WATCH Sen. Markey make his comments about Republicans and a secret ballot:

Also, when it comes to secret ballots, it's my humble opinion that secret ballots should not be allowed for anything. Americans should demand transparency and politicians should not be scared to vote one way or another.

If they're worried about reactions to how they vote, then maybe they're not making the right vote.
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