Senator John Kennedy has rebuked John Kerry for his use of a private jet, suggesting that the climate enthusiast should "walk the walk" instead of taking private jets to accept an award in Iceland.

A video of John Kerry defending his use of the private jet in 2019 has emerged and sparked some discussions about Kerry and doing one thing while saying another. Kerry suggested that someone like him needs to get around and he won't be put on the defensive over using the private jet, because he offsets his own carbon and dedicates his life to the cause.

Kennedy slammed Kerry during an episode of Sean Hannity's show and can be seen in the video below, followed by some notable quotes the Senator made against Kerry.

Some notable quotes by Sen. Kennedy are as follows:

“I try to see grace everywhere I can... The American people are so tired of being lectured by the managerial elite. They think they’re better than the American people. They think they’re special and the rules don’t apply to them.”

"You’ve gotta walk the walk, man! It’s not a participation trophy. You don’t earn respect that way.”

What are your thoughts on John Kerry and his use of private jets while working on his climate tasks? How else should John Kerry get around to get things done?

Canoe, sailboat, hovercraft, spaceship, commercial flights.... let's hear it in the comment section!