Another newly revealed security video from inside the Capitol shows Republican Mitt Romney almost walked directly into the area where rioters were located as they breached the building. But Romney struck a pot of gold and ran into a Capitol police officer instead, who then directed Romney to go the other direction.

That's when Mitt Romney started running.

WATCH running Romney on the security video:

Romney didn't even know who helped him that day and he didn't find out until this video was aired during Trump's impeachment. The man who possibly saved Mitt Romney, a Republican who does not have a very good reputation with Trump supporters, is Officer Eugene Goodman. Romney's son, Matt Romney, has already issued a public thank you, according to Talking Points Memo.

On his way out of the chamber, Romney called watching the footage “overwhelmingly distressing and emotional,” adding that it “brings tears to your eyes.”

He told reporters he hadn’t realized he’d come so close to the mob, and was looking forward to thanking Officer Goodman now that he knows it was him who steered him to safety.