Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last week? Better question, did anyone even know the Golden Globes were on?

Well they happened and actor Sean Penn came out looking like this and at one point his hair was trending on Twitter, but I completely missed it, which is why you got this story a week late.

Fox News picked up on it and posted:

Sean Penn's hairstyle has once again gone viral following his appearance at Sunday's Golden Globes.

Viewers couldn't help but comment on the actor's hairstyle on Twitter.

"I’m a fan of Sean Penn but not a fan of the hairstyle," said one person.

"Sean Penn went to his hair stylist and said, 'Give me the Operation guy,'" said a viewer in reference to the board game Operation.

"Congratulations to Sean Penn for his role as 'all of The Three Stooges,'" joked another.

But seriously. With all the money some actors have, they could at least pick up a brush from the dollar store.

Here's a meme you can steal and share:

sean penn looks like all 3 stooges.jpg