Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the Senate will vote on a Bipartisan Background Checks Act that made it through the House on a 227-203 vote.

Schumer was mocking a popular saying used by Conservatives on social media when they say "thoughts and prayers."

WATCH Chuck Schumer making his statement on it:

A report mentions H.R.8 and quotes Chuck Schumer from the video.

A prior version of the H.R. 8 bill, which would require background checks for all U.S. firearm purchases, passed the House in 2019 but did not receive 60 votes in the Senate to clear the filibuster.

"In the past, when they sent it over to us last time, it went into [fomer Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell's legislative graveyard," Schumer said during a press conference Thursday. "The legislative graveyard is over. H.R. 8 will be on the floor of the Senate, and we will see where everybody stands. No more hopes and prayers, thoughts and prayers. A vote is what we need, a vote, not thoughts and prayers."

H.R. 1446 also passed through The House. That's the Enhanced Background Check Act. It made it through on a vote of 219-210.

That allows more time to complete a federal background check before the gun purchase is officially approved.

Rep. Massie was previously using a hypothetical scenario to speak against things like this.