Numerous parents have called on a La Mesa-Spring Valley school board member to step down after she made comments about racism, white supremacy, and compared a mandated return to school to slavery.

Check that off your notes of the most ridiculous things people have said this year and it's only February.

WATCH the video, which was recorded by a parent in the school district:

The school board member took a lot of criticism after this video was posted, even calls for her to step down. It's one thing to listen to the science, but there's literally no reason to be comparing a return to school to slavery and telling people they need to check their privilege.

So. Darn. Ridiculous, but here's the report:

A La Mesa-Spring Valley school board member is facing criticism for comments she made at a board meeting Tuesday night. While discussing an upcoming vote on the district's reopening plan trustee, Charda Bell-Fontenot, made comments about white supremacy and racism.

That board member is a Black woman, as well as the board's vice president. The comments were made over the course of several minutes. It started off when other board members said they needed to vote on a return to school date.

Bell-Fontenot followed up asking several questions, saying they needed more information and that she didn't feel like she had to vote on the topic that night. In recorded video from the meeting, Bell-Fontenot’s video is off, but you can hear her voice as she reacts to other members.

“I know what we are doing is wrong. That seems like a very white supremacy ideology to conform...privilege you guys....check it……I'm not gonna force anyone to do what they don't wanna do. That's what slavery is. I'm not gonna be a part of it,” Bell-Fontenot said.

If this is how she views going back to school, then I feel bad for her.

Not everything has to be about race and slavery, darling.