Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff went on CNN to talk about the threats he faced from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who repeatedly suggested having Schiff removed from committee assignments if the House majority swings back to Republicans after midterm elections.

Schiff offered a rather empty response and then turned his commentary towards Donald Trump, suggesting that McCarthy would basically do anything he said - which was odd because this was about McCarthy wanting Schiff out of committee assignments and had literally nothing to do with the former president.


Schiff said: "I think the reality is McCarthy is a very weak leader... And as a result, he is already being led around by the most extreme elements of his conference — the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and others that are calling for retribution because of their removal."

Schiff continued: "The departure from precedent here was McCarthy's failure to hold his own members accountable, which, traditionally, Democratic leaders and Republican leaders have policed their own... But McCarthy's been too weak to do that, and so it required Democrats to take action when Paul Gosar was glorifying the killing of one of his colleagues. And similarly, when Marjorie Taylor Greene was spouting her conspiratorial QAnon and anti-Semitic stuff. So, you know, it — I think the precedent has been broken here, it's been broken by McCarthy."

And he didn't stop talking there. Schiff went on: "More importantly, though ... than whatever he might do vis-à-vis Democrats and committee assignments is the fact that he will do whatever Donald Trump wants him to do, and if Donald Trump wants him to overturn the next election because Trump loses again, McCarthy will do it, and that is a real and present threat to our democracy."

Donald Trump has been out of office for a year and the Democrats are still talking about him.

Trump lives in their heads rent free.