Sarah Silverman trashes Walmart for paying such an unlivable wage. Silverman then claims Walmart teaches employees how to go on welfare.

I don't know if either of those are true, but I do know my local Walmart is a complete shithole filled with the most lazy people who never put anything back on the shelves and they wait 20 minutes in the parking lot just to get ONE spot closer to the door because they're too f-cking lazy to walk eight extra feet, so they crowd the parking lot all waiting with their blinkers on like the laziest people I have ever seen in my life. All of this just to buy some damn toilet paper and toaster strudels.

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Silverman also goes into the mentality of USA #1, as she put it on her Twitter post.

WATCH her video clip:

I like her joke about looking up Blockbuster on their MySpace page.

I like that she trashes Walmart because I personally f-cking hate that store and it's entire parking lot (my personal store, not all of them).

And I don't like that she suggests saying America is #1 makes us a pile of #2.

No, it doesn't because only my personal Walmart is disgusting while some others are actually nice.

The company as a business though - yeah, they probably aren't the best and I'm sure anyone who works there will happily comment below and give us their feedback.

But not every company is like that. Some companies are amazing.

We are amazing. You're amazing.

Walmart can be crap while we're all awesome, right?