Sen. Marco Rubio wrote an op-ed for USA Today slamming Amazon as a company and standing up for workers and their union efforts.

Rubio also posted a video, saying "If you have a union problem, if you think the taxes for corporations like yours, the biggest in the world are too high, well why don't you go get your woke, liberal, leftist friends, and have them help you."


From Rubio's op-ed, he said:

For the past several years, Amazon has waged a war against working-class values. The Silicon Valley titan uses anticompetitive strategies to crush small businesses, bans conservative books and blocks traditional charities from participating in its AmazonSmile program. Not surprisingly, it has also bowed to China's censorship demands.

Amazon may be headquartered in America, but it considers itself a citizen of the world.

Now, the company is facing a unionization effort at its warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama.

The move comes after a banner year for Amazon thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns. But even after historic market gains, its corporate leadership fears the prospect of its workers having an increased say in working conditions, so it’s looking to crush the union vote.

Rubio went on to express support for union efforts and shame Amazon as a company.