White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the situation with Biden aide TJ Ducklo who was suspended for one week, without pay, for threatening and bullying a reporter who was assigned a story about his relationship with a reporter.

Psaki is pressed about this because President Joe Biden had stated he would fire people "on the spot" if they are not treating colleagues with respect. In this case, Ducklo was not fired, just suspended for a week with no pay, and Biden has already backtracked on his own statement.

WATCH Psaki respond when asked about the Ducklo situation:

CNN also pointed out that the suspension falls short of President Biden's promise to fire anyone who is not respectful to colleagues.

When asked at the press briefing how Ducklo could continue to work with female reporters, given the misogynistic nature of some of his comments, Psaki agreed they were "completely unacceptable" and said that she has had "conversations with him about that."

Psaki said that the White House apologized to Politico and vowed that "this will never happen again."
It was not clear why Ducklo had only been suspended on Friday when the Vanity Fair story published, given that Psaki and the White House had been aware of Ducklo's conduct in the weeks before.

Psaki, who was also asked about that at the press briefing, said that the White House had conversations with Politico editors immediately after the incident.

"That was how we engaged, in a private manner," Psaki said. "And that was what we felt was appropriate at the time."

The one-week suspension also appeared to fall well short of President Joe Biden's promise to fire employees on the spot if they were found to disrespect others.

It's unclear if further action will be taken beyond the suspension.