Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says "What kind of country is this, that rewards people that break into our country illegally, but yet abuses its citizens and taxpayers? There needs to be a change, and this is Joe Biden's crisis that he will never recover from."

She's referring to the situation at the border and the White House is struggling to come up with a solution.

WATCH Taylor Greene unload on Biden administration:

The southern border is having an issue with a surge of migrant children appearing. There seems to be a pending crisis brewing and, as one report puts it, "no easy solutions in sight."

Thousands of migrants have crossed the border in President Biden’s first 50 days in office, with the White House acknowledging on Wednesday that the new president’s hopeful message for immigrants may be driving some people to make the dangerous trek despite pleas from administration officials that they stay home.

The White House is searching for new housing to accommodate the influx of unaccompanied minors as media reports indicate that thousands of young people are being kept for extended periods of time in Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) cells that are meant to temporarily house adult migrants.

At least one Democrat lawmaker says the border situation will become a crisis soon.

President Joe Biden's administration has asked that people not rush to the border, but that they will also restart the Central American Minors program that Trump got rid of. It lets migrant children join their parents in America.