Rep. Arrington released a video statement condemning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and "disconnected" and "elitist" Democrats for having a fence around the United States Capitol while suspending construction for Trump's border wall project for two months.

Arrington makes several opinionated statements in his recent video. He added this caption to go with it, saying "The same Democrats who told you we don't need a wall at the southern border, won't take the wall down protecting them at the US Capitol."


Meanwhile, at least 40 House members have asked Pelosi to remove the fences around the Capitol, according to WLBT:

Mississippi representatives Michael Guest and Trent Kelly have joined 40 other House members in asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring down the barbed-wire fence surrounding the United States Capitol.

The fence was installed after the riot at the Capitol on January 6 which resulted in five casualties.

In the letter sent to Pelosi on Friday, the Representatives also asked for the National Guard, who have been stationed in Washington, D.C. since the riot, to return home to their families.

It's unclear when the fences will be removed, or if they will remain a permanent setting for a while.

Also related, Capitol police were condemned for not allowing children to go sledding on Capitol grounds, something they previously enjoyed.