Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what'cha gonna do when cancel culture comes for you? Well, cancel culture has finally arrived for the show "COPS" after just over 30 years of being on the air.

It's been a good run, but a few weeks of protests and controversy with police officers has caused Paramount Network to cancel "COPS" and give us no future plans for a return, per a spokesperson from the network. (ABC 7)

"COPS" began back in 1989 on Fox. It's been running steady and was about to start a new season, but that won't happen as of now.

Another police show, "Live PD" on A&E, is also currently postponed for the same exact reasons - all the drama with the policing, anti-cop rhetoric, and perhaps the fact that in two weeks we've seen mass protests, riots, and behavior that would only suggest we might need a few more cops to stop some of the thievery.

It's really ridiculous to cancel a TV show over this, but everyone wants to be "woke" for some reason. The people who watch COPS aren't the problem, but no one will listen to that.

At least we still have Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.