You might have watched President Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa. Or maybe you were there in person. Either way, this raw video from Trump's rally is one you might not have seen on mainstream media.

It shows guests having fun, dancing, and being in good spirits. It does not show protesting, people taking a knee, arguing, fighting, or people going against each other despite being for the same cause.

If anything, it looks like people having a fun time.

But would you have ever seen this on the mainstream media

The main dancer is Terrence K. Williams, a well known guy on Twitter who's always having fun and making good videos. He posted this about his dance video from the Tulsa Trump rally, saying "The Liberals Goons are attacking us for dancing at the Trump Rally in Tulsa. Celebrities are sending their hateful followers after us. We are dancing because we live in the LAND OF THE FREE We will be dancing all the way to Polls in November."

He also posted this video comparing Trump's Tulsa rally to Joe Biden's event in Darby, PA.

One of these crowds is not like the other.