Impeachment manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin, speaks against former President Trump. Rep. Raskin asks, "is there any political leader in this room who believes that if he is ever allowed by the Senate to get back into the Oval Office Donald Trump would stop inciting violence to get his way? Would you bet the lives of more police officers on that?"

The Maryland Democrat tries to paint the former president as someone who knew and invited his people to the Capitol, and as someone who incited the violence that took place. Rep. Raskin is trying to suggest that if Trump was president again, that he would incite people to get his way.

WATCH Raskin's speech against Trump during the impeachment trial:

Raskin also suggested that Trump defends his conduct as appropriate, as stated on The Week:

Raskin added that since Trump has defended his conduct as appropriate, if "he gets back into office and it happens again, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves."

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) made a similar point, arguing the former president's "lack of remorse" since the riot "shows that he intended the events of Jan. 6 to happen" and that such violence could occur again in the future. Lieu went on to say that he's "afraid" of the idea of Trump running for president again in 2024 and losing "because he can do this again."