Dave Ramsey shames the concept of stimulus checks and suggests that if that's all it takes to change someone's life, then they have other problems going on.

Ramsey, a conservative financial talk radio host, was on America's Newsroom on Fox News, and said he doesn't believe in stimulus checks.

WATCH Ramsey discuss stimulus checks:

Ramsey said, “I don’t believe in a stimulus checks. Because if $600 or $1400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already. You’ve got other issues going on. You have a career problem, you have a debt problem, you have a relationship problem, or a mental health problem. Something else is going on if $600 changes your life.”

The brash talk show host then said sending stimulus checks to Americans are like “peeing on a forest fire.”

Ramsey's website suggests people have at least $1,000 emergency fund saved and up to 3-6 months income saved as well, according to Mediaite.

A CBS News survey found that only 39 percent of Americans could cover a $1,000 emergency without borrowing the money. The proposed stimulus would, by itself, fund Ramsey’s recommended minimum emergency fund for tens of millions of Americans who may or may not have “something else going on.”

For people who are not working, getting that money saved might not be as simple.