White House press secretary Jen Psaki flapped a backhanded comment towards former President Donald Trump, shaming him without even saying his name.

She was talking about President Joe Biden and his outlook on foreign policy, when she said to a reporter, "I can assure you that this president is not looking to the last presidency as the model for his foreign policy moving forward."

WATCH Jen Psaki conjure some inner demons with her backhanded insult:

Well, sheesh! Who tinkled in her Cheerios this morning.

Was it necessary for Jen Psaki to bring up the Trump administration at all? Couldn't she just outline Biden's plan "moving forward" without giving her commentary on Trump's White House?

Biden called for unity and is that what Psaki was working towards with that remark?

Well, I don't know about that, but unity doesn't mean bringing out the claws to strike down the former president.

Someone give that girl a hug... with consent, of course. Don't try to hug her in public, you'll probably get arrested.

If Trump was still on Twitter, he could respond with this: