White House press secretary says President Biden may have a full press conference by the end of the month. She was asked why he hasn't done one yet, and the video below is her answer.

Psaki did say Biden takes questions multiple times per week, despite the lack of a full press conference.

WATCH Jen Psaki's answer when pressed on it:

Also, Biden was playing Mario Kart last month with a family member.

That's probably a lot more fun than doing a press conference.

The 46th president, 78, showed off his skills on the virtual racecourse in a photo shared by his granddaughter Naomi Biden on Saturday, which depicted the two facing off in a round of video game Mario Kart at Camp David.

"Secret Service made an exception and let him drive himself!" wrote Naomi, 27, atop the snapshot that showed the pair sitting side-by-side at the arcade-style game, each with their own steering wheel.

A little rusty but he still won (barely)," she added.

I can't imagine how the first big official press conference is going to be...

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