Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, asks press secretary Jen Psaki about Gov. Cuomo's failures in the New York nursing home dilemma.

Doocy later asks of President Biden still thinks Cuomo is the "gold standard" of leadership when it comes to dealing with this pandemic.

WATCH Jen Psaki respond:

Anyone think it's odd she brought up Trump and the former administration?

Is Trump still living in their heads?

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Gov. Cuomo is facing his own problems, like Democrats in New York calling for his impeachment, an FBI probe, and hey - let's just throw some MeToo accusations in there while we're at it!

Does anyone have a kitchen sink laying around, we can throw that at him too!

Here's me looking around for more things to put on Gov. Cuomo's plate of controversy!

Gotta be something else we can throw his way, right! Being one of the worst governors in the country has to be some sort of an accomplishment.

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