White House press secretary Jen Psaki got a little snappy with a reporter who asked a really simple question, seeking some clarity about the Biden's plan to reopen schools.

And then the claws came out and Psaki hissed like an angry street cat who hasn't eaten a White House rodent in a few weeks.

She snapped at the reporter, saying "I'm not going to take it personally that you don't hang on every word I say in here" and reminds the reporter what she said LAST Thursday.

WATCH the evil cat in action:

Now listen up, Psaki, I personally can't remember what someone said yesterday, let alone any of the last Thursdays in the history of last Thursdays.

When it comes to school reopening plans, the White House and government shouldn't have anything to do with this in the first place.

You know who should run this? The school districts and the schools themselves.

Once the school and classrooms are cleaned, have ventilation, and have a PLAN - then it can be done on a school by school basis.

For example, the urban public schools in my city of Philly are absolutely disgusting. They haven't been safe for students or staff for the last 20 years. Our district just had a year off with EMPTY BUILDINGS and they made no progress, doing absolutely jack sh*t to get our schools fixed up, asbestos and mold removed, and rodent problems solved.

But hey, you won't see that in the suburbs, right?