Democrat Elizabeth Warren was hosting a small town hall event, in Dover, New Hampshire, when a protester busted in yelling at her and had quite a few questions for her, very loudly.

As you’ll see in the video, he storms in from the right, and she’s on the left side of the screen and he runs in shouting – getting his point across before being escorted out.

As per a report on The Blaze, his questions and comments were quite interesting:

The man barged in on the town hall event and started screaming at Warren.

“You’re siding with ISIS! You’re siding with Iran!” he yelled.

“Why are you siding with terrorists!? Why are you siding with terrorists for?! My grandfather died in World War 2,” he continued, as the audience began to boo him.

“You’re a fraud! Disgusting! Green New Deal, this liar!” he added, and identified himself as a pastor.

Warren dismissed his questions and comments, says that he’s “deeply upset” and that’s basically the limit of the escalation. It didn’t get much more heated after that.

What was the man referring to?

It’s highly likely the man was referring to Donald Trump’s air strike that eliminated a known terrorist. After it happened, numerous Democratic figures spoke out against Trump’s actions. Many Democratic Party supporters on social media made it seem like World War III was about to break out, others criticized Trump for starting a war, and it was a plethora of nonsense and hyped up responses.

Warren didn’t seem to care for the man’s concerns, so she asked him to leave.

Meanwhile, Iran just admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane by mistake, apologized, and blamed the United States for it.