Today's biggest jerk of the day award might be going to this guy.

A professor for Oxnard College was put on administrative leave after he was busted humiliating a hard-of-hearing student during a live Zoom class. One of the other students reminds the professor that the student is hard of hearing and has a translator there, so their responses are a little bit slower.

That didn't stop the professor, Michael Abram, from being an epic D-Bag, and even said at one point "have them teach you."

WATCH the video:

According to VCStar, it all went down like this...

The video clip opens with the professor audibly frustrated as he addresses the female student.

"Miss S—?" Abram says in the video. "I've been talking to you, Miss S—."

The student responds that she can hear him "a little bit."

"You can hear me a little bit?" Abram says. "Why didn't you answer all the times I spoke to you, then?"

He tells the student to email him, adding: "We're going to set up a live Zoom and we're going to have some real communication at some point in time. OK? Maybe you can have your counselor join us. OK? Do you hear me?"

Another student jumps in: "Professor? She's actually hard of hearing," the second student explains, saying the first student's translator goes at a slower speed. "She can't respond, like, right away."

Abram replies: "She is not paying attention. She's not trying. Are you her translator, A—?" he says to the second student.

Shortly after, Abram tells the first student to have her counselor speak with him, "because you've got too much distraction to even understand what's going on."

The hard-of-hearing student tells Abram her translator is next to her, "explaining everything that you're saying."

"OK," Abram responds. "So maybe, just have them teach you. The whole class. That makes sense to me....I don't understand it. But I see you laughing and smiling and giggling with somebody else..."

Toward the end of the clip, Abram sarcastically says "whatever," pointing out to the students he is using their terms with the usage, repeating: "Whatever!" He tells the first student: "Have your counselor speak with me, period."

The young woman asks why he is arguing with her. "I'm not disrespecting you, and you're just like, attacking me," she tells him.

"OK. OK. I'm not attacking you," Abram says as the clip concludes. "I'm just significantly disappointed in you."

If this was a student just goofing off and being bad in "Zoom class" then I could understand the teacher giving them a lecture. But this student has trouble hearing, has a translator, and takes an extra second or two to respond. No need to be a d*ck towards them!

This video also illustrates how sick and tired we are of Zoom!!! We cannot wait to get back to class and be IN PERSON again.

I know a lot of schools are open, like the ones that are well taken care of. But where I live, it's a lot different. Our urban schools have been unsafe for YEARS and the school district had a darn year of empty buildings to fix things up, clean the schools, and come up with a safe plan.

What they do? Jack sh*t!!!

They put a dorm room fan in the window and said, "get back to class."

They essentially ignored the mold, asbestos, and rat droppings all over the buildings. Nevermind some of our schools don't even have ventilation systems because the buildings are like three days older than Jesus.

I went off on a tangent here because my public school district was ran to the ground by the administration running it and the teachers and parents are SICK OF IT!!

But back to you now.

Hope your day is better than that Zoom teacher's day!