There’s a new Instagram account in town and it’s exposing the rich and luxurious lifestyle of pastors and preachers walking around in clothes that cost way more than the normal person can afford. Sneakers for a low price of $7,210, jackets and shirts costing thousands, a FANNY PACK for about $1,250 – these aren’t every day items your run of the mill honest pastor is wearing.

These are items most people going to church or to see a preacher cannot afford! These aren’t even clothes that someone making $100k a year would be wearing. This is stuff you’d see on celebrities and politicians who get called out for preaching to the lower class while wearing things that cost more than their month’s worth of paychecks.

So how bad is it?

Let’s take a look at the Instagram account called PreachersNSneakers and some of their finest hits:

This sweatshirt costs $1,145. What’s a preacher doing wearing that?

Here we go! $1,290 for another sweatshirt!

How does this guy afford shoes for $1,095?

Next time I buy sneakers and they are over $100, I won’t feel bad – because these Nikes cost $7,210!!!

Spending $1,020 on these ugly sneakers is not in my budget!

Imagine wearing sneaks that cost $770 when most of your audience don’t even make that each week.

This preacher has some ugly Nikes on that look like they came out in the 80’s. What even is this?

This preacher has on $500 Yeezy’s that look like Crocs took a hallucinogenic.

Next time they send the donation basket, I’m taking money OUT!

What kind of money-grubbing weirdo spends $430 on a belt? Is it even reversible?

Preachers really spending $975 on some basic looking shoes that are probably barely functional.

$2,580 for a flannel? Are ya kidding me, bro?

OK, at least one preacher was smart enough to get the $995 belt that can switch sides. That’s a plus.

Have you seen enough yet?

You know what the worst part of this is?



What is the average IQ of the room, a moderate temperature?

Come on, people.