A portrait of Vice President Kamala Harris has been installed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC and Doug Emhoff calls it "incredible."

The portrait is supposed to celebrate Harris' accomplishment for becoming Vice President. It's made out of shattered glass and was created by an artist named Simon Berger.

View: https://twitter.com/SecondGentleman/status/1357773167201255429

Insider stated the following about the installment:

The museum's press release says the cracked glass is meant to represent Harris' breaking through the "glass ceiling," a term that refers to the barriers women and minorities face when it comes to career advancement.

"This will just be a wonderful visual emblem of this moment in time and hopefully people will reflect a little bit on all the barriers that have been broken by her election," Holly Hotchner, president and CEO of the National Women's History Museum, told the Associated Press, speaking of the portrait of Harris.

The portrait has received mixed reviews on social media.