This video and probably terrorists are the two things you don't want to ever see on a plane. Coming in a close third would be sitting next to a really large person, and fourth would be sitting next to a crying baby. Not because the baby is crying, but because the parent who thought that was a great idea taking a baby on a plane is probably more annoying than the crying infant.

This video shows the engine failure that took place on Boeing 777 United Airlines Flight 328. Needless to say, I would probably defecate in my pants if I saw this happen while sitting in the window seat. But whomever recorded this video was so chilled out, at least on the surface.

WATCH the video of the engine failure:

Soon after this took place and the emergency landing happened, there were people posting on social media that debris had fallen from the plane and landed by them.

Some of the photos are staggering because you see up close and personal just how enormous these things are.


The official word from USA Today:

NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt provided details on how the in-flight emergency unfolded and offered preliminary findings.

The highlights from the NTSB briefing:

About four minutes after takeoff from Denver International Airport early Saturday afternoon, when the plane was at 12,500 feet and traveling at 280 knots, "a loud bang was heard'' on the cockpit voice recorder and increased vibrations were recorded on the affected engine. The pilots declared an emergency with air traffic controllers and began a critical in-flight checklist, including the shut down of the engine.

The plane's condition did not require an immediate evacuation upon landing. After passengers deplaned, it was taken to a nearby United hangar for investigation. Parts from the plane, including those that fell from the sky across Bloomfield, Colorado, are now laid out on the floor of the hangar. The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorders were shipped for analysis to NTSB facilities in Washington, D.C.

Two of the 22 fan blades on one of the Pratt & Whitney engines were damaged. One fan blade separated at the root and the other was fractured in the middle, likely getting struck as the other blade was separating. One of the pieces was found in a soccer field in Broomfield, a Denver suburb. A preliminary investigation of the fractured fan blade shows signs of damage consistent with metal fatigue.

Oh, no immediate evacuation? Man, I would've ran my self right off that plane and jogged home like Forrest Gump.

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