While America is dealing with both a pandemic and protests that often turn to riots, we have Piers Morgan suggesting that President Donald Trump come out of the White House and take a knee alongside the protesters.

Morgan suggests the impact it could have would be tremendous as it could actually unite the protesters with President Donald Trump. In hindsight, if Trump did take a knee, he could be viewed by his supporters as weak. However, those supporters are still going to vote for him regardless. If Trump gets the protesters to like him, then he might actually pick up some more voters, helping to solidify his run against candidate Joe Biden.

“The Good Morning Britain presenter and co-host Susanna Reid were joined by Martin Luther King III on today’s show where they discussed the marches in response to George’s death at the hands of a white police officer and the President’s threat to deploy the military across the country. ‘He’s completely incapable of doing what I’m about to suggest,’ Piers began. ‘Imagine if Donald Trump, rather than stirring the fire and pouring fuel on it, imagine if he came out the White House with those protestors and went down on one knee.’ He continued: ‘Image the power of Donald Trump doing that and the impact that might have in one action. ‘I genuinely believe he could make an enormous difference.” (Metro UK)

Now visually, it may be something Trump’s supporters do not like – but if taking a knee is a chess move that gets protesters to like him and guarantees his presence in the White House next election – is it worth trying?

Meanwhile, some cities like Philadelphia were facing their 8th night of curfew amid protests that have resulted in mass chaos and destruction of property, not to mention many injuries and several people who’ve lost their lives.