House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears upset after Trump's acquittal and she's going off on one of her rants and Mitch McConnell is her intended target.

She appears to be reacting to how McConnell voted in support of Trump, despite later saying that Trump is to blame for the Capitol incident.

Pelosi brings up the possibility of Mitch McConnell saying these things to keep donors happy, but it's clearly her speculation and thinking out loud - not a proven point (yet).

WATCH Nancy Pelosi be mad about it:

Here's the transcript of the conversation from

Q: I’m curious though – for the Speaker, if she had a comment about Mitch McConnell's statement on the Floor suggestion that President Trump still was liable criminally or civilly for everything he did in office. Do you think now that the Justice Department or State Attorney General should pursue the legal –

Speaker Pelosi: He even hedged on that. Remember when he talked about incitement, he said he didn't think this rose to a level – I’m going to tell you. So, he was hedging all over the place. I don't know whether it was for donors or what. But whatever it was, it was a very disingenuous speech. And I say that regretfully because I always want to be able to work, work with the leadership of the other party. I think our country needs a strong Republican party. It's very important. And for him to have tried to have it every which way.

But we will be going forward to make sure that this never happens again in terms of what we’re doing to investigate and evaluate what caused this, both in terms of the motivation but also in terms of the security that we have to have as we go forward, recognizing how inflaming even some of our elected officials can be. But I defer to all of these distinguished lawyers about –