So much for making money during lock-downs!

A California mom, who is 44 and breaking no laws, posts content on a website called OnlyFans. She claims to be raking in $150,000 per month for her pics and videos. However, she's being bullied by other moms, aka KARENS, and her kids were just expelled from a Catholic school over the whole situation.

Her name is Crystal Jackson, but she goes by Tiffany Poindexter or Mrs. Poindexter on the OnlyFans site. Her husband Chris is the one taking the photos and videos.

But even though she does this together with her husband, some of the other mom's weren't happy about it and started complaining. Perhaps they were mad because their own husbands probably took a peek. All kidding aside, this results in Jackson's kids being kicked out of school, according to CBS Local in Sacramento.

The principal at Sacramento’s Sacred Heart Parish School says the family is no longer welcome and they can’t even pick up their things left in class.

Crystal Jackson says she and her husband take her “hot mom” persona and turn it into a profit. It started with a post on Reddit as a way to spice up her relationship with her husband Chris.

“Someone was like, ‘Hey why don’t you start an Only Fans?'” Crystal Jackson said. “We’re like what the heck is that?”

Now, more than a year later, she’s known as Mrs. Poindexter online and is making up to $150,000 a month selling access to photos and videos on her Only Fans account.

But not everyone is a fan.

Those people who weren't fans ended up being angry moms who found the account last summer and have since been trying to get the kids booted from the school, according to NY Post.

At one point, the group sent anonymous envelopes including her explicit material to the diocese and principal, the CBS station reported.

“They wanted my kids removed who are innocent to this whole thing,” Jackson said. “Now it’s kind of like we got caught, here is our secret life exposed.”

“Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students,” according to the message cited by the outlet.

“We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours,” added the email, which was reportedly signed by Principal Theresa Sparks.

Well, that might be the most KAREN story of the year right there.

I don't know about you, but I could not care less what some other moms or dads are doing in their spare time to make ends meet. If they want to dress up like Betty Crocker and snap some seductive photos, then that's their decision. Not mine.

Whatever happened to her body, her choice?


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