Dem. Senator Joe Manchin III explains his vote that prevented increased unemployment benefits, referred to as "overly generous."

Not everyone liked his vote and Keith Olbermann had no problem calling out Sen. Manchin over it.

Olbermann said, quoting Manchin: "I did everything I could to bring us together” - still worshiping at the false god of GOP support. “The people would get the NEEDED help that’s NEEDED” - what disingenuous moronity. What a sniveling cretin @Sen_JoeManchin really is."

Manchin was interviewed on This Week, who posted the following on Twitter: "Sen. Joe Manchin defends his vote that resulted in reduced unemployment benefits in sweeping $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill: "I didn't do anything intentionally whatsoever, I did everything I could to bring us together so we have more support."

WATCH Manchin explain his perspective:

In another interview with Jake Tapper, Sen. Manchin called him Chuck, thinking he was speaking to Chuck Todd. Jake Tapper had to remind him that his name was Jake.

WATCH Jake Tapper remind Sen. Manchin what his name is:

These interviews were because the top Democrats came to a deal scaling back the unemployment payments in the relief stimulus plan, as stated on NY Times:

Top Democrats reached a deal late Friday to scale back weekly unemployment payments in President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, working to preserve moderate support for the package by dropping their effort to increase those payments to $400 and agreeing on a $300 supplement instead.

The agreement came about nine hours after Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, a centrist Senate Democrat, created an impasse by raising concerns that an overly generous benefit could discourage people from returning to work. The impasse paralyzed efforts to move Mr. Biden’s stimulus bill through the Senate, and the vote dragged on past midnight.

By late Friday, Democrats had reached a compromise that appeared to satisfy Mr. Manchin, a crucial swing vote in an evenly divided Senate. While Mr. Manchin is a Democrat, his state is decidedly not (former President Donald J. Trump won nearly 70 percent of the vote in the 2020 election). As a result, Mr. Manchin is among the most centrist Democrats in the party.

The amendment ultimately passed, 50 to 49, just before 1:30 a.m.

This resulted in Democrat supporters on social media sparking a bit of outrage over Democrats voting against providing more unemployment benefits.

Republicans, on the other-hand, likely were in support of giving anyone anything. Gotta pull everyone up by their own bootstraps, just like AOC the bartender did, or something like that.