Just when you thought former Democratic Mayor Bill De Blasio was bad, Eric Adams shows up and allows 800,000+ noncitizens to vote in local elections, and it will become a law.

NYC a place where crime is running rampant, is clearly not in the sound mind of making good choices for their city. Axios reported that the "New York City Council voted 33-14 to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections starting in 2023."

The 800,000+ noncitizens will be allowed to vote in local elections only, and not have the chance to vote for things like members of Congress in federal elections, the President, or even in state elections for governor, legislators, and judges.

So this is basically just local elections that impact mostly their own area - but many Republican opponents will speculate this is just another way of Democrats trying to find any and all voters they can.

AP reported that the "Board of Elections must now begin drawing an implementation plan by July, including voter registration rules and provisions that would create separate ballots for municipal races to prevent noncitizens from casting ballots in federal and state contests."

NYC DOT Commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, touted this as making history when he tweeted: "The New York City Council becomes the largest city in the nation to enfranchise non-citizen immigrant New Yorkers. We have made history today. Nearly 1 Million non-citizen immigrant New Yorkers will be allowed to participate in our City’s election!"

He also posted this video: