Tens of thousands of people flocked to the streets in New York City to protest for George Floyd. Many were wearing masks, but many were not. There didn't seem to be much social distancing going on. Hundreds of Mayor de Blasio staffers were protesting at one point as well.

Despite all of that going on, we get to this point with some NYC Officials literally welding the gates closed on a children's playground, preventing the kids from going to play and have some fun for once.

Because that's exactly what is wrong with NYC.

Of all the bad things and nonsense going on, this is what their city officials are paid to do - weld playgrounds shut.

Nevermind the mass destruction, looting, and everything de Blasio and Governor Cuomo did wrong with the outbreak, the playgrounds are where the attention is.

This is New York's failed government in a nutshell and it's on video!