Governor Kristi Noem put her foot down, telling a reporter "don't put words in my mouth" during a discussion about masks, mandates, and if she would mandate the "double mask."

Gov. Noem said "there won't be a double mask mandate in South Dakota."

She goes into a few other things regarding the masks, such as allowing people to decide what's best for them and also saying that people should not shame each other based on the personal decisions they make.

WATCH Gov. Noem be firm and spell it out for the reporter:

And most should observe the reporter wasn't being rude, but did have a touch of sarcasm as he gathered his information. He's not Jimmy Acosta, that's for sure.

Acosta might have dragged this out longer.

If you want to know exactly what the CDC says, then check out their website and get the info straight from them.