Oh this is good. Really, really, good. Joe Biden finally one on his third try and at least one author has quite a theory on how Biden won.

The new book claims that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election against Donald Trump by using, what they called, a "put your dumb uncle in the basement" strategy complete with grainy videos that looked like a hostage situation.

Let's see what it's all aboot, shall we?

President Biden won the White House because the coronavirus let him stay hidden in his basement, protecting his campaign from its biggest liability — the candidate himself, a new book says.

So true!! The more Joe Biden speaks, the more he gaffes, and the more he goes viral on the Internet. But hey, everyone knows he mumbles sometimes abou...;kadsgsfdgsfgdfgxdffdgndfhjdhg.... where was I. Oh, right. Biden makes gaffes and that's been a thing for ages. It ain't new, but it also ain't very presidential.

The Biden camp ran partly on the strategy of "you put your dumb uncle in the basement,’’ referring to the Democratic candidate, according to "Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency.’’

Even former President Obama initially refused to support his 78-year-old ex-vice president and friend, worried he could become a "tragicomic caricature of an aging politician having his last hurrah’’ if not protected from himself, the book says.

Do you remember Obama wouldn't endorse Joe Biden for the longest time. It really seemed like Obama waited quite a while to really say much of anything about Biden.

If your former vice president of eight years is running for president, you'd think that Obama would've been "team Biden" from day one - but it did not appear that way, at least from my perspective up here on roof, where I blog in my underwear while sipping some store brand coffee and hoping the pigeons don't sh-t in it. Just kidding, I'm in my bedroom on an old laptop with a missing key, but still barely dressed. I know you want to vomit right now, yeah?

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The work’s authors — Jonathan Allen of NBC News and Amie Parnes of The Hill — write that time and again, "the stars aligned’’ for Biden, a previous two-time loser presidential hopeful who succeeded on his third try despite himself.

And no one was more caught off guard than the Trump camp.

The tome says that in May, Trump watched Biden give a CNN interview and afterward asked top aide Kellyanne Conway, "What do you think?’’

Conway replied, "I think if we lose to him, we are pathetic,’’ the book says.

We see how that turned out. Kellyanne can't even keep her daughter in control and her husband is a tool-bag. She probably isn't the best perspective on things considering her TikTok issues. Speaking of, Gov. Gavin Newsom posted a TikTok video and the "rules for thee, but not for me" rhetoric was blasted at him like a cannon.

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Enough of those dingbats, let's get back to Biden...

Trump laughed, say the book’s authors, who also wrote "Shattered’’ about Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid in 2016.

"Until the COVID thing came, we were winning four hundred electoral votes,’’ a source familiar with Trump’s internal numbers around February 2020 claimed to the authors.

Even one of Biden’s top advisers, Anita Dunn, allegedly told an associate at one point, "COVID was the best thing that happened to him."

EEEEEK. Who the hell says that? This is literally the worst thing that happened to our entire planet over the last year, but they want to suggest it was even remotely good. Oh man, that's worse than most things I say... actually, no, no it isn't. But it's close and probably true for Joe Biden, the dumb uncle.

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I don't think that's very true for all the nursing home patients Gov. Andrew Cuomo let down, and I definitely wouldn't suggest it on anyone - especially Gov. Cuomo's three accusers, who deserve answers according to Hillary Clinton.

In mid-March 2020, Biden’s team converted the basement of his home in Wilmington, Del., into a makeshift studio from which he could safely issue statements.

"They used coronavirus as an excuse to keep him in the basement, and it was smart,’’ a Trump adviser told the authors.

"Biden was able to hide his biggest weakness, which is himself. And he did it with an excuse that sounded responsible."

But Biden’s broadcast the night of the March 17 primaries was just bizarre, the book says.

"There was a hostage-video quality to the broadcast. It was cloudy and dark," the book describes.

"As he spoke, there was an ever-so-slight time delay, putting Biden’s words out of sync with the movements of his mouth. This was the guy who would send Donald Trump to Mar-a-Lago for good?"

Biden's videos were laughed at. But here's the thing - people who don't like Trump were going to vote for whomever was on the other ticket anyway. It really didn't matter if it was Joe Biden or a tree branch - they were both literally the same thing during the 2020 election.

People's hate for Trump, because he says mean things on Twitter (or used to), is partially what turned away so many people.

That's just a fact, kinda like Joe Biden gaffes. Trump said mean things, Biden said dumb things, and people went with the dumb ass instead of the hard ass.

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But the book makes a hysterical point of referring to Joe Biden as being the dumb uncle in the basement and keeping him away from the public as needed. Biden was able to keep himself under wraps and locked in a home, not do big rallies, etc...

I'm curious what else the book says, but I'm also content not reading it.

The highlight of Joe Biden being called a dumb uncle was good enough for me.

I wonder if Joe Biden was blinking twice for help in his basement videos!