Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany spelled "feat" wrong and caused "feet" to start trending on Twitter. Her typo also came with an explosion of replies and comments.

Pretty sure most of us have made typos on social media and that's exactly why Jack needs to install A FREAKING EDIT BUTTON on Twitter.

Either way, the blue check Twitter brigade was out in full force to pounce on McEnany.

Before I show you the Twitter party, let's just remind readers that if we ever compare the apples to the oranges when it comes to press secretaries, then I'm pretty sure Kayleigh has Jen Psaki beat by a mile. After all, look what we found!

kayleigh mcenany feet.jpg

Now here is the screenshot of Kayleigh McEnany's silly typo in case it gets deleted:


And now for the fun stuff...