House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was giving a little chat up there on the podium when she started saying something about sports that was really confusing.

I’m not sure what the full context of this was, but she says something along the lines of “we send in our team and we have to send in special teams as well as the team, because we have to know…”

That’s not how it works. Maybe I miss the point, but whatever point she was trying to make gets lost when she starts babbling like it’s 3 A.M. and she hit the sauce.

Is she OK? Does she need to sit down with a few football fans and figure out the way the game works? Maybe she should, that way her next point that references sports actually makes sense.

Again, I am not sure where she was going with this, but let’s just say it’s very clear she does not seem to know much about sports and especially football.

Nevertheless, she persisted and she really sounds confused.

I’m just gonna leave this funny Nancy Pelosi video here.