Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes $223,500 per year and her husband is a wealthy real estate and venture guy. She's represented the 12th district in California since 2013. She's had seven years to start making a big difference, but there's still so many people in her district living in tents or homeless.

Her district is s bad that they have a tube setup with hose faucets so homeless people can use them to shower.

With Pelosi and her husband being very well to do and not having to struggle in the least, it's fairly odd that she's not out doing more to improve her neighborhood and help get these folks off the street.

Does she want for everyone in her district, to have the life that she lives? Or at least see them working towards it?

Does any politician feel ashamed of their own leadership when their district looks like this? I would feel horrible if I was worth that much money, leading the way, and my constituents were sleeping in tents during the summer while I was making home videos in front of a fridge with expensive ice cream.

Watch the video for yourself.