Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski spoke against former President Donald Trump, saying she does not see how he could be re-elected as president ever again.

This comes during a time when House impeachment managers are trying to convict Trump for inciting the incident at the Capitol on January 6, an attempt to use Trump's words against him and prevent him from running for office in the 2024 election.

WATCH Murkowski make her comments against Trump:

The senator from Alaska stated that "the enormity of this. The threat not just to us as people, as lawmakers, but the threat to the institution and what Congress represents, it’s disturbing. Greatly disturbing."

Murkowski suggests the Democrats were pushing a “very strong case for a timeline that laid out very clearly with the words that were used, when he used them, how he used them, to really build the anger, the violence that we saw here in this Capitol," as quoted on IJR.

Murkowski pounced on Trump when she said, “Frankly, I don’t see how after the American public sees the full story laid out there… this whole scenario that has been laid out before us, I just don’t see how Donald Trump could be re-elected to the presidency again."