Sen. Mitt Romney was knocked unconscious and left with a black eye and stitches, and he said it was after a "tough weekend" at CPAC.

However, Mitt Romney did NOT go to CPAC, he was just joking about that part.

The Republican senator did suffer a fall that left him unconscious. He went to the hospital and got stitches in his right eyebrow and lip as stated on KSN.

The Utah Republican said the accident happened when he was spending time with his grandchildren in Boston. He told reporters he was taken to a hospital and got stitches on his right eyebrow and lip.

“I had kind of a tough, tough weekend,” Romney joked. “I went to CPAC — that was a problem.”

Frank Thorp V shared on Twitter the following statement and a photo, "Sen @MittRomney has a black eye and stitches, says he took a fall while visiting his son in Boston, “I took a fall, knocked me unconscious but I’m doing better.” Joked: “I went to CPAC, that was a problem..."

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