Don’t you hate when you lose your million dollar toys and they wash up on the beach?

This took place in Florida and I am literally not even remotely close to being surprised. In fact, I can only imagine the ever popular “Florida Man” was probably riding on this like the guy in Dr. Strangelove.

Of course, I’m sure no one was riding this, but how in the world do we lose one of these and it just casually ends up in the sand?

drone strangelove

Apparently the military fires the drones over water for training purposes, then once they’re shot out of the sky and into the water, a boat goes and retrieves it.

How do you report back saying you can’t find the giant orange drone? And then how does this thing make it all the way to the beach and no one even notices it until now?

Here’s the official report:

A U.S. military target drone washed ashore Friday on the beach at Ocean Ridge Hammock Park.

The drone was discovered Friday morning by a passerby on the north end of the beach, Ocean Ridge Police Chief Hal Hutchins said.

“The item is a drone from the U.S. Air Force,” Hutchins said.

Hutchins said police followed the instructions on the drone for what to do if it was found.

Police closed off the area while they waited for the Air Force to reclaim it.

“As long as it’s out here, we’ll be out here with it,” Hutchins said. “But, as you can see, it is safe for people to be around. We’ve assured everyone that it is safe. We’ve been assured by the sheriff’s office and the Air Force that there is no danger to anyone going near it.”

Time to get your metal detectors and go look for some drones!